Hemp Oil… Snake Oil or Miracle Cure?

Hemp Oil… Snake Oil or Miracle Cure?

Mike Klingler here to talk about hemp oil. Or “CBD” oil for those who know it by its better known cannabinoid name.

Various hemp oil and CBD products are everywhere in the stores here in Portland, Oregon. And HempWorx, a Las Vegas, NV based MLM company, is doing over 100 million in sales across the country. I’m not with HempWorx but those are some impressive sales numbers.

Is the Hemp Craze All Just Marketing Hype or is there Somethijng Really To It?

When I was first introduced to nutritional supplements in the direct sales / MLM model back in 1994, I was skeptical to say the least. These guys from Texas with funny accents claimed to have isolated the functional component in Aloe Vera and that they were positioned to dominate that entire market. And that was just the beginning…

The comapny was called Emprise (later named Mannatech) and they had a line of nutraceuticals with a big story behind why everything was being cured from Cancer to high cholestoral, immune disorders, skin rashes — you name it they had the answer.

“But you can’t make disease claims,” they taught us. “That’s against the law.”

Yet, what do you do when people take the product and it cures something. “You can share it if it happens to you,” they said. And so that’s what people did.

If I hadn’t seen so many miracles myself I wouldn’t have believed it. And to be honest, I still think over half the accounts of these miracles were placebo effect. But what the entire experience did was make me realize the body is a miracle… and if you give it nutrients that leet it do it’s job the results can be amazing. Are things often exaggerated out there in the MLM nutritional field? You bet they are. But there are some good products that get some amazing results for people.

But that didn’t stop the Texas AG from slapping Mannatech, Sam Caster (CEO at the time) and a bunch of other co-founders with a multimillion dollar fine about 10 years later. They crossed a line by doing peer-reviewed studies and referencing them in their communications.

What does this have to do with Hemp?

After that experienced I figured a lot of the CBD and other Hemp-related products were brinigng results. We had made some of our own CBD products at home to help family get over their PMS pains. And it worked. If that worked I was sure many of the CBD products would do.

But I didn’t want to market CBD

Why not?

I just felt the hemp regulatory environment was too tough. It was tough enough sharing with people what Mannatech’s products did. It was tough sorting out when the product really contributed to a so-called miracle and when it was just placebo…

I knew hemp’s new regulatory minefield would make it even tougher.

So I kept away from it. I never had any aches and pains to try it on myself. So I just didn’t have a personal interest.

Then I Got this Tumor

My tumor is not cancerous. But it’s growing. It is in my neck and if they cut it out I risk major nerve damage. It’s growing their slowly and quite frankly I haven’t done all I could or should to see if I can shrink it through natural remedies. I’m slowly changing my habits and have made big strides in reducing the inflamation but it was still bothering me. It gets swollen and painful. And it got to the point where it was impacting my breathing by narrowing the passageway of my throat. That was a little scary.

I decided to take some CBD. Immediately it cut down the inflamation and significantly reduced the discomfort. I was impressed.

Will it shrink my tumor? I don’t know. But you can be damn sure it’s going to be a big part of my process. I’m gonna’ find out!

And as far as that hemp regulatory environment goes. Well, it got better too!

I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Author: Mike Klingler

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