Mike Klingler’s Hemp Oil Journey Begins

Mike Klingler’s Hemp Oil Journey Begins

Boy oh boy this Hemp oil journey is full of surprises. We are testing on 10 people a number of products and formulations. So far we are finding…

You’ve got FULL SPECTRUM, which contains all the cannabinoids but because of that it also has some trace THC. That can impact some more than others in negative ways. Some swear by it being needed to get full benefit. They call it the “entourage effect” and personally I do notice it is a plus for the purpose of pain, or for those with anxiety. Not everyone will want it because of thc. Those in a lot of pain will love some of the full spectrum’s we tested.

Then there’s BROAD SPECTRUM… which is supposed to have a lot of the cannabinoids but NO THC. Our testing shows this is helping with pain with some products but not with others. Because of the more extreme processing needed to remove all THC, it appears a lot of the cannabinoids get removed in some of these Broad Specturm products. I am having a hard time deciphering which companies actually have a natural broad spectrum and which are adding in terpene and other cannabinoid isolates to create something that appears to be like a broad specturm, which isn’t really the same thing because they are adding isolates.

Then there’s the ISOLATES that you can take by themselves or together. This may allow you to control the effect you want more to some degree, but many argue you lose a lot of benefit because there are over 100 cannabionoids and they can offer benefit by working together. Going to test isolates and isolate combos and see what we discover.

Then there’s a cannabinoid like CBG which appears to provide more focus, less of that strong relaxed effect that so far ‘some of the’ CBD products have provided.

All of the testing but one so far has helped with my neck pain as an anti inflamatory. It’s the slight other effects (too much relaxation and a little head fog wih some of them) that has me really wondering if combined isolates may offer the same benefit but wthout the overly calming effect that I don’t really like every day. I am also excited to try more CBG products. Have one that is very high in CBG on the way.

Lots to still test and learn! But quite interesting and most certainly there’s a lot of benefit in these cannabinoids.

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